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  • Joe will work to ensure that quality education is available to all students to ensure that every child has the same opportunity regardless of socio-economic circumstances. 

  • Joe will fight to protect Social Security and Medicare.

  • Joe visiting with Dr. Virginia Calvin.

  • Joe will fight to keep good paying manufacturing jobs and he will encourage entrepreneurs to bring new jobs to our communities. 

  • Joe, his wife Sue, and their children, Nick and Jessica.


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Race of the Day: Walorski vs. Bock in Indiana

Sep 26 2014 NBC News

Republican Jackie Walorski must be getting used to tough elections. The Elkhart lawmaker almost managed to eke out a 2010 win over Democrat Joe Donnelly, but failed despite the big GOP wave.

Joe Bock and state legislators call for action on toll road, other infrastructure

Sep 23 2014

Joe Bock, University of Notre Dame Teaching Professor, stressed the importance of maintaining state and federal roadways on the heels of the Indiana Toll Road bankruptcy.

Bock was joined by State Senator John Broden and State Representative David Niezgodski on Monday. Niezgodski and Broden said the bankruptcy will result in a loss of state revenue, jobs and quality service despite what was negotiated in 2006.

Toll Road bankruptcy reignites old debate about privatization

Sep 23 2014 South Bend Tribune

In filing for bankruptcy, the company that operates the Indiana Toll Road has reignited an old debate about the controversial privatization of the Toll Road in 2006.

Those who opposed leasing the highway in 2006 are now outspoken, citing concerns about the future of the road and quality of its upkeep.

COLWELL: Bock emerging, but too late?

Sep 22 2014 South Bend Tribune

Does Joe Bock have a chance?

Congresswoman Walorski refuses Rochester High School students and League of Women Voters’ invitations to debate Joe Bock

Sep 18 2014

Joe Bock, Candidate for Congress in Indiana’s Second Congressional District, is calling on his opponent, Congresswoman Jackie Walorski, to agree to a debate. Congresswoman Walorski has turned down invitations by Rochester High School students and the League of Women Voters.