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  • Joe will work to ensure that quality education is available to all students to ensure that every child has the same opportunity regardless of socio-economic circumstances. 

  • Joe will fight to protect Social Security and Medicare.

  • Joe visiting with Dr. Virginia Calvin.

  • Joe will fight to keep good paying manufacturing jobs and he will encourage entrepreneurs to bring new jobs to our communities. 

  • Joe, his wife Sue, and their children, Nick and Jessica.


In the News

Bock: Walorski obstructs efforts to fix VA

Jul 25 2014

South Bend- Joe Bock, Candidate for U.S. Congress in Indiana’s Second Congressional District, and retired Airforce Sgt. Greg Chavez issued the following statements regarding Congresswoman Jackie Walorski’s vote yesterday to block the House from voting on the much-needed Senate bill to fix issues at the VA.

Bock slams Congresswoman Walorski’s claim of bi-partisanship; Says she won’t even cross the aisle to block offshoring of American jobs

Jul 17 2014

(South Bend, IN) – 2nd district Democratic challenger Joe Bock today sharply attacked U.S.

Joe Bock Challenges Congresswoman Walorski to Treat Herself like She Treats Her Constituents

Jul 09 2014

South Bend - Joe Bock, Democratic Nominee for Congress in Indiana’s Second District today challenged Congresswoman Jackie Walorski to treat herself like she treats her constituents by cutting her perks.

“Congresswoman Walorski voted to shut the government down, and voted against reopening the government, harming efforts to reduce the disability claims backlog at the VA, all while receiving her paycheck. That’s wrong,” said Bock. “I’m pledging to never take a paycheck during a government shutdown, and Congresswoman Walorski should do the same.”

Statement: Despite Ad, Walorski Votes Tea Party Line

Jul 08 2014

South Bend- Joe Bock, Democratic Nominee for Congress in Indiana’s Second District responds to Congresswoman Jackie Walorski’s claim to bipartisanship in her new commercial, which aired today.  Walorski’s ad features people claiming that Walorski’s “bipartisanship” is the reason they stand with Jackie.

Bock surveys his race against Walorski

Jul 08 2014 Howey Politics Indiana

INDIANAPOLIS – Despite record low approval ratings for U.S. Congress and a general anti-incumbent mood pervading the entire American political spectrum, it has been evident for months that Indiana’s congressional delegation will be quite safe come November. Every incumbent is seeking reelection and none had to face a serious primary challenger. All incumbents have a sizable campaign war chest, not to mention lead over their respective opponents. At first glance, no seat is in play.

Last month’s HPI’s Horse Race assessed all nine district contests and rated all of the incumbents ‘safe,’ except one, the 2nd Congressional District. Seeking reelection for the first time, 2nd CD freshman U.S. Rep. Jackie Walorski is still considered the favorite but will, unlike her delegation colleagues, face a contest this cycle. It’s been a very competitive district the past two election cycles which Walorski should know quite well. She was a three-term state representative from 2005-2010 for the suburbs between South Bend and Elkhart (HD21) before she ran
for the 2nd CD seat
in 2010. Then U.S.
Rep. Joe Donnelly
bested her by only 1
percent. The second
go around was very
close again, but a
victory. Walorski
beat Democrat Brendan Mullen by only 1 percent in 2012.