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Switch Your Dog’s Food

Are you ready to switch your dog’s food from puppy chow to adult maintenance formula? Maybe you bought a new dog food for your maturing canine companion. Learn how to switch dog food without causing gastrointestinal upset.

Perhaps the biggest mistake you can make, when learning how to switch your dog’s food, is to jump from brand to brand, looking for the one that the dog is likely to favor. Trying out a new dog food may lead to stomach cramping, runny stools, and other symptoms of gastrointestinal upset. If this process is repeated needlessly, you are doing more harm than good to your animal.

Start out your quest for a new dog food by visiting your vet or at least making a phone call. Discuss the reason why you want to transition from one dog food to another, and ask for recommendations. Be honest if cost is a factor, since this may make it impractical to switch your dog’s food to Science Diet or associated brands. Moreover, discuss if the new dog food will be dry food or wet food.

Learn about the ingredients your dog needs to have in its new dog food, the percentage of protein and fat content your vet believes to be right for your animal, and also which kinds of dog food s/he suggests you avoid. When you discuss how to switch dog food, you may be surprised to find out just how candid your vet will be, naming brand names, and even going so far as to revealing some insider info you might not have thought of when perusing the bags of new dog food available to you.

Switch Dog Food Gradually

Remember that last time you ate a whole meal at a restaurant you never tried before? Was the food so rich that it caused you gastrointestinal upset? Did it contain ingredients you did not notice right away, but which made the night a bit uncomfortable? The same holds true for your dog if you suddenly switch to a new dog food.

Avoid this mistake by gradually changing to the new dog food. Continue feeding the old brand, but mix in some portions of the new dog food. Over time, increase the portion of the new dog food as you decrease the portion of the old. Within a few days, you switch your dog’s food without shocking its gastrointestinal system.

If you switch dog food from store bought to homemade, please be sure to check out Associated Content’s own Jamie K. Wilson’s article “How to Safely Switch Your Dog’s Diet to Homemade Dog Food.”

How to fall asleep when you can’t

Bugzy Malone a famous British rapper has been heard in the news stating he’s a sufferer of insomnia. I know him personally and I can attest that he does indeed suffer from this illness that so many mental health patients have. Whether it’s caused by excessive drug use, or simply too much caffeine, it’s a very frustrating problem that can plague every area of your life. Some people lie in bed days on end unable to sleep, drained of energy but unable to switch off their brain, others require dangerous medication to force themselves to pass out and get into a deep sleep.

How to fall asleep when you cantPersonally, I wouldn’t want to recommend anything that can be dangerous to my readers, so if you are struggling and want to know how to fall asleep when you can’t keep reading and I’ll go into some short yet effective tips.

My first tip is to take deep breaths when you’re laying in bed. By doing so your heart rate slowly decreases in beating speed and allows your brain to calm down. Once your brain has calmed itself you are able to sleep much easier.

My second tip is to complete any outstanding work or chores that you have leftover. We all know when we have a deadline that is due the next day and it clouds our mind making us unable to think about anything else, well it might stop us from thinking about food or our friends, but it also stops us from being able to sleep. Make sure you handle the work that is due, GET IT DONE!

My next tip would be to wear something comfortable to bed. Having silk pajamas has made my life a ton easier when it comes to nighttime.

Next up make sure your partner is not a snorer, I once had a boyfriend that would snore all night long, it might have been his weight causing it or an illness, but now he’s an ex-boyfriend for a reason.

Reolink Home Security Camera System Review

The Reolink 4MP PoE Home Security Camera System is presently the top-rated products that is available in the market under this category. This product is meant to provide you the security of your home and has the recordings stored in the best picture quality. Reolink is rated one of the top home security systems by


Reolink Home Security reviewThis camera is able to provide you the eight channel system for better functioning and operation. It comes along with large hard drive storage of about 3 TB. It is offered to you for keeping large records. This camera pack comes in a set of four cameras to provide you better outdoor surveillance. It also offers you better night vision with the help of LED lights in the cameras. These cameras support the all the 1440 p, 1080 p, 720 p videos. You can also view the recordings live with the help of your smartphone. This camera captures the recordings in HD quality to offer you better user experience. It is the right device that you can use to enhance the security of your home. This device offers you the 30 days money back guarantee. You can easily claim if there is any case you are not satisfied with the services of that product. This device also provides you an additional two-year warranty as well. You can easily control the cameras with your Smartphone or the remote.


  • You will not have to spend more money on this camera system as this is available you in an affordable price range.
  • These cameras also offer you the facility of the POE plug and play.
  • The hardware that is used to make these cameras is made up of durable materials.
  • It is extremely simple to install without the requirement of any kind of configuration.
  • It is made waterproof to offer you services even in the rainy seasons.
  • These cameras also support the night vision and have a built-in mic for better services.


  • The software used by these cameras is found to be unpleasant by some customers.


The Reolink 4MP PoE Home Security Camera System still is one of the best available products in the market and provides you enhanced and efficient security system for your place. To offer you better and secure environment this device is also able to make the recording in the night time as well. It surely has proven to be a valuable deal to invest your money in.