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Working in Vienna Austria

Vienna has many options for employment. There are many seasonal jobs that are offered during tourism months. Some may lead to potential full-time positions, but most are part-time. This article will discuss what the regular working day is like, overtime options, and much more. If you are going to move to Vienna Austria, this is a great place to gain knowledge on job opportunities.

            Regular Working Hours

In Vienna, a regular working day is eight hours. The work week is typical, like most countries, 40 hours per week. There are some exceptions to this regular working time. Some employers have agreed upon a 38-hour work week or less. There are some employers who have extended their work hours for the day. Some added more than two hours. These hour changes must be agreed upon by employer and employee. If you would like a long weekend, you can possibly extend your hours to nine each day instead of eight. Sometimes, employers will offer a four-day work week.


Overtime hours are any hours that are worked after 40 during the week. Employers offer overtime if it does not interfere with their responsibilities. These are child care, going to the doctor, family, or anything that causes distress and inability to focus on their jobs. Overtime will be paid, and the employees will also receive a bonus that can be up to 50% on what they make each week.

Part-Time Work

When working part-time hours, the employee will work less than 40 hours per week.     These hours are agreed upon by the employer and employee.  Even though it’s part-time, the employee will not be treated differently or not get the same benefits as full-time employees get. There is the option of extra work for employees as well. This extra work is different from overtime, however open to part-time employees. These employees will get a 25% bonus for working extra hours.

Other Work Options

            For all looking for employment, there are other options. There is shift work available, which may be considered night work. In 2002, Austria voted to allow men and women to work at night and the same terms. If you are pregnant, nursing, or younger than 18, you are not allowed to work at night. You can also work as a tour guide and offer tourists guides in Vienna.

Can I get a Break?

            When you are working, you will get time to rest or a break. The total hours of working must be over six hours in order to receive a rest period. This rest period is about 30 minutes. You are not paid for this time though. When the day is over, many employers offer a rest period of 11 hours. It depends on how many hours per day worked.  The weekend is usually what is considered the rest for most employees. However, if you work on the weekends, you are still permitted to 36 hours of rest during the week. These conditions are to be agreed upon by you and your employer. This will all be discussed when you are hired.