• Creating Jobs


    There is no doubt that Hoosiers are hardworking people. But too often, Washington is working against middle class families. I plan to work to create stability in our economy by coming up with long-term solutions, instead of governing from crisis to crisis.

    Indiana small businesses are being crushed under uncertainty and burdensome regulation from Washington. I’ll fight to make it easier, not harder, to start an Indiana small business and work to  enhance small business tax credits—including credits for hiring veterans. And I’ll work with local economic development officials to find ways to strengthen our small businesses and streamline regulations.


  • Supporting a livable wage


    The minimum wage has not kept up with inflation.  It should be increased.  At the same time, small businesses that will be negatively impacted by this should be provided tax credits for a period of time during which they can adjust to it.


  • Protecting Social Security and Medicare


    We made a promise to our seniors that, if they paid into the system, they will have Social Security and Medicare benefits when they retire. We have to keep that promise.

    I will fight against attempts to privatize Social Security, unlike Congresswoman Walorski who has said she wants to open the door to privatization. I am concerned that privatization is a gamble, putting Social Security onto the Wall Street roller coaster.


  • Balancing the budget


    Hoosiers know we can’t spend more than we make. It’s as simple as that.  I believe we have a moral obligation to get the budget under control so we don’t pass along more debt to our children. But we must prioritize and protect initiatives that are important to our middle-class.

  • Improving access to education


    The future of our great nation begins right now by ensuring that our children have access to quality, affordable education. We must ensure that those who want to get an education have the ability to do so.

    Quality education should be available to all students to ensure that every child has the same opportunity regardless of socio-economic circumstances. I’ll oppose efforts to cut education funding in Washington.


  • Concentrating on common sense solutions


    I’m appalled by the partisan bickering exhibited by members of Congress.  We deserve better.  My work in Congress will be guided by pragmatism rather than ideology. Our constitution was written by those who assumed that debate would be civil and respectful, that the diversity of our ideas would foster fair and reasonable solutions.

  • Improving energy efficiency


    Affordable energy keeps our economy running smoothly. It’s important that we keep energy costs low for Indiana families and businesses of all sizes. But we must do so responsibly and carefully weigh economic costs with environmental concerns.