Redragon M601: Is This The Best Gaming Mouse?

Redragon has built quite a reputation for specializing in gaming components over the years. Starting as a small firm in 1996, building electronic parts for other companies, Redragon had bigger plans ever since its inception. If you are in the gaming business or an avid gamer, at least one Redragon peripheral should be sitting on your desk. Steadily identifying their market, Redragon soon discovered that their company would be a hit with the gaming peripherals and not with mere outsourced gaming components. Redragon has been featured on publications like the thetechinsider.

Redragon m601The company’s introduction in the gaming market had it clear that Redragon makes only sturdy peripherals. With a few years of experience of working for bigger companies, Redragon started manufacturing products inspired by their expensive counterparts. Nonetheless, Redragon M601 seems propitious in the gaming market because of its sturdy look and exemplary service. Should you be investing on a gaming mouse that brings almost all the advantages at a lesser price? Let’s find out.

Compatible operating systems

The Redragon M601 is more suitable for the PC gamers as it comes with a USB cable. Although there is no CD in the package, you can avail the manual included or collect the drivers from its website. It is compatible with all the Windows versions from 10 to 98.

Redragon M601 is not flexible with Mac users. Since its buttons are not programmable, it restricts its functionality considerably. Moreover, the product is not designed to run on a Mac.

Physical measurements and features

With a size fixed at 120mm x 70mm x 39mm, the mouse comes with a unique matte look sporting a textured surface. The designers have focused on the grip with its physical make as the texture improves grip preventing the hand from slipping in between intense sweaty-game sessions. Unfortunately, the extremely hand-friendly make of the product has indentations that could lead to grime storage. If you are a gamer with bigger hands, you should resist buying this model.

The 6-feet cord is fiber-braided and the Teflon pads prevent sudden slipping. Although the pads ensure a smooth movement on most surfaces, Redragon has recommended going with a lighter surface.


It has a noticeably lower middle button compared to the left and the right ones. The product comes with six buttons in total, two of which (the ones on the sides) are programmable. The middle scroll button is not a friendly piece to handle as customers have complained about the scroll button breaking or accumulating excessive grime.


Redragon M601 is strict on the color business as the model comes only with the bright red look. Justifying its name, the mouse does look cool, however, you are not given any choice in terms of personalization.

The arrow between the left and the right buttons is the DPI indicator: brightest—highest DPI, dim—moderate DPI, no light—lowest DPI. Considering the cost of the mouse, it is only appropriate for the lack of personalizing options.

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